“Casino Chip Dress”
was photographed on the Eldorado dry lake bed in Boulder, NV.
It is the Nevada dress for the ongoing “States of Dress” series

“Casino Chip Dress” is made of over 2000 casino chips,
each with 6 drill holes joined by clear zip ties.

At the photo shoot on the Eldorado dry lake bed…

Special Thanks
to Kent Thomson for providing studio space to create this dress,
Todd VonBaastians of Atomic Todd Gallery for his generosity and support,
The Gambler’s General Store for partial donation of materials,
Benoit Beaufils for his tireless enthusiasm & assistance,
Ross Gibson, Jim Slonina, Tarra Scarff, my Mom & all the other volunteers
for their help & friendship.

This photo was taken by the great Dave Proctor (www.daplv.com)
with hair and makeup by Keely Zelanka.

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  1. LOVE THIS! How did you weave the chips together? I've done a couple of outfits, and one pinkslip dress, all out of crayons though. Check out some of my stuff at http://www.herbwilliamsart.com. Be fun to do a catwalk show of your dresses in a gallery sometime.

    • They were each individually drilled with holes on a drill press, then attached together with mini zip ties! It was VERY time consuming!

  2. Very cool! Many years ago I did a store window for our "White Sale" dressing all the maniquins in evening wear using only towels. Had a blast doing it. Must have used a million pins as they all had to come off and go back on the shelf when the sale was done. Can't wait to see the rest of the states. We have amazing sand dunes on the west coast of Michigan. I'm seeing a sand castle dress???

  3. Awsome! : ) my favorite is the praire dress. It reminds me of Narnia. Will you make and Indiana dress?? : ) please don't make it a corn dress…. anywho keep up the cool job w/ the dresses.

    –a gal from Indiana–

  4. This really is so cool! I think i saw your dress at First Friday here in Vegas! So clever! Cant wait to see all 50 states!

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