This is the first day shooting the NY Garbage Dress, in a loading dock with great graffiti near the art studio I rented in Brooklyn from fellow artist Rob Kimmel. The first challenge is getting me up onto the dock in the dress! Here I am being hoisted up with a little help from my friends, volunteers T’ai Jamal Hanna and Jay Loebscher.

I did not attach the train until we got to the shoot location to help with ease of movement.

Volunteering to shoot the NY Garbage Dress is friend and amazingly talented New York photographer Layo Mayoli

Some final loading dock shots
This pigeon behind my head hung out the whole shoot, protecting its nearby nest.
Now we are trying a seated shot, with some styling help from T’ai.
Manning the video camera on the left is volunteer Katrina Stachowski.

Some final seated shots…
…and getting back down!

T’ai making sure everything looks good for some street shots, taking advantage of the beautiful architecture of the next door building.

Layo in action!

Some final street shots.

Thanks so much to my helpers! From left to right: Katrina Stachowski, T’ai Jamal Hanna, Jay Loebscher, and photographer Layo Mayoli

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  1. All I can say is how creative.. very neat indeed looking forward to your future posts on these wonderful creations… especially one for OKLAHOMA 🙂

  2. Awesome and creative….even your hair!
    Looking forward to following you and your artist pursuits!

  3. amazing blog! I have been searching high and low for an actual good fashion blog…your an inspiration…I am from minnesota and now live in nyc…love what you did with those two states!

  4. I can not wait to see the rest :)I love the creativity and art behind fashion and you just added another dimension to it.

  5. I'm very disapointed with the trash bags.I've seen New York. There is more to it than the city.That dress is trashy in the sense that I would be disgusted to wear it. Although all of the other dresses are VERY pretty. Esspecially the willow dress and the casino chips dress…You are very creative and I love it! (I just don't like the trash dress)

  6. p.s. The model you chose for the trash bag dress had great hair.

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