This is the second day of shooting the NY Garbage Dress. We found a location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where the city keeps garbage trucks parked in a large lot and along the street. Perfect place for a guerrilla photo shoot! The city workers let us shoot for about 20 minutes before we got kicked out…

On my left is Heather Lamb, a wardrobe stylist along to assist. And on my right is Anthony Gatto, juggler and budding film maker who generously offered to film the day for my documentary “States of Dress”

Stephan Landry (right) was the photographer for the day’s shoot

Final Garbage Dress shots!

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  1. I absolutely love your blog! Pity I live in another continent, otherwise I would've seen your work. but really, well done I like it 🙂

  2. Your dresses are amazing! Huge fan of the NY dress and the willow dress. I'm going to beg you, when you get to California- please don't make it about Los Angeles! Northern California is one of the most beautiful(and most ignored) places in the world. Let the world know that a California Girl does not equal surfing, beverly hills, and dreams of acting.

  3. I really enjoy all your dresses so much! I think it's a great idea! However, as an upstate/western NY resident, I am disappointed that only downstate gets represented in a project such as this. NY is more than just the city!

  4. I think your dress stinks!!! This is not even GOOD art…It is BAD TASTE. For you to use a garbage bag representing NY. What ever happened to the Apple… Statue of Liberty..Chrylser Building…etc NY is FULL of Beutiful Art. Yet you chose the easy way out. I don't think this is a Representation of NY. It literally STINKS!

  5. It was obvious you hold to stereotypes in your chosen dress representations. It's a shame to see such a lack of creativity or investigation into each individual state personality. It's not just a mild smack to NYers to have their state be the only one represented by refuse. You intend to insult other states with stereotypes? Body bags for NJ? Coal for PA? Oil slick for LA? Smog pollution for CA?

  6. I agree with many of the earlier comments, you obviously have an eye for beauty and creativity, which makes it all the more criminal that NY is literally represented as garbage. I grew up surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills and gorges of the upstate NY finger lakes region and I hate that no matter where I go, saying I'm from NY = NYC, and this is just dirty icing on the ugly cake. Please keep making these dresses, they are quite original, but do put some more thought into your next selections.

  7. I agree with a lot of the other comments, I think your work is amazing, but being from upstate NY, I hate that saying you are from NY always mean NYC. There is so much more to NY than the city, and the rest of NY is NOT lined with garbage. I think it would be great if you did NYC, but did a separate dress to capture the rest of NY, with the mountains, lakes, and streams, and all of the beautiful nature that upstate NY has to offer. I found it kind of offensive that the state I was born and raised in is represented by garbage, simply because as most people think, NY = NYC.

  8. Your "artistic representations" are not only simplistic, but they are simplistically stereotypical which in my book is a bigger crime. You must believe you can ride the wave of what is vogue these days which is absolute low level critical thinking, or recognition of the complexity of things. Yeah, we are in the simplistic era, for example, we have reality T.V. everyone looking for five minutes of fame offering nothing, and nothing is here in what you presented either. Art is deeper isn't? Where is the depth we are tired of the narrow thinking which seeks to get paid while adding to the negative and the problem in life- which is all opposite of art.

  9. Love the back story!! Glad you went with he garbage truck shot- even stronger than the very wonderful dock shots! Too bad the critics are anonymous…if one criticizes it seems a bit cowardly to hide behind anonymity.
    Art is subjective and it's about being bold enough to make choices. If there's an artist who can represent all of New York state, and make everyone happy, that's great- a sell out perhaps then too. You had a story about your choice and in this age if green design, seeing garbage bags as couture seems very on point. Refuse, recycles, repurposed- that's a statement, not an insult!

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