Learn to draw from the comfort of your own home/workspace. Live real-time feedback. Fun and challenging lesson plans.


Multi-disciplinary artist and judge of TV's Skin Wars, Robin Slonina has been teaching all levels of students for over 25 years.

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8-Week Course of Workshops
Starting Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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Tuesdays 3pm till 5:30pm PT
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Robin Slonina

Utilizing Betty Edwards’ book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, Robin Slonina has created a course lesson plan that transforms any level of artist into a skilled and confident drawer. This course doesn’t so much teach you how to draw, but helps you learn how to “see” like an artist! Not only will you learn a new skill, but you will start to see the world through new eyes.

Robin is an internationally-renowned, multi-disciplinary artist. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, she is the founder of Skin City Body Painting in Las Vegas and producer and judge on the hit TV show Skin Wars.

8 Online Workshops

Live workshops on Google Meet with Robin providing real-time feedback. Draw in the comfort of your own space.

Books & Materials

Textbook, workbook and drawing materials will be required. A complete list with links will be provided.

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Access to Robin's private Drawing Workshop Facebook Group with fellow artists. Share your drawings, tips and resources.

Workshops are limited to 16 students. Enroll and reserve your spot today!

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Want more personalized attention? One-on-one workshops also available. Please email us for more information.

Lesson Plan

Subject to change

No pressure! Dive right in with a self-portrait. After the class, tuck the portrait away till the last day of classes when you can compare your progress!

Explore the building blocks of drawing.

We flip our perspective to truly see lines and shape.

Learn to use a viewfinder.

Let’s get floral and fruity!

Discover the hidden beauty of the spaces in between things.

Experiment with a twist on tone.

Use everything you’ve learned for a final self-portrait. Then marvel at your progress from the first day.

I absolutely LOVED the drawing workshop you did all those years ago. Am sure this will be brilliant for all your new students. I have been recommending your technique to others ever since. Still use many of those techniques I learned from you to refresh.
Emma Cammack
World-renowned Artist and Judge on TV's “Fresh Paint”
Before Robin’s drawing workshop, I literally didn’t know how to draw, but she gave me the technique and most importantly the confidence to see things differently and transfer them onto the paper. Three years later, I still sketch every day and apply all the knowledge I acquired to each of my drawings. Thank you Robin!!!
Benoit Beaufils
Taking Robin’s workshop improved my confidence in drawing by leaps and bounds! Robin’s tips and insight helped me improve quickly.  By sticking to it, practicing and being patient with myself, I really saw a difference from day one to the last day! I was able to incorporate these new skills in body painting. I highly recommend this workshop!
Letty Lopez
Makeup Artist
Learning to draw means learning to see.
Betty Edwards
Creator of the “Draw Right” teaching method

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Real-time Feedback

Live, instant feedback on your progress. No waiting till the next session to find out how you're doing.

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Unlock your hidden artist! Work on exercising both sides of your brain to become a great drawer!

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Robin Slonina's friendly and accessible teaching style caters to your individual needs and experience level.

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