Here are the best two pictures from two days of shooting “Pinecone Dress” outside on location. I am still deciding which one will be the final image… VOTE for your favorite! Number One on the left, and Number Two on the right! (photos thanks to Colette Fu)

Number Two Wins! It seems most people felt it looked more organic, like it grew up from the forest floor…

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  1. hi robin,

    ik prefer picture nr 1!!

    You and the dress look great!!
    Big compliment and hug,

  2. I prefer this one. The light is warmer and has more texture. Not as flat as the other. Saverui

  3. i think you embody “tree” more in #2. But they’re both great! Steph

  4. you look so damn purty darlin’.
    i really like the light in the second one, it would look kickin’ on a big postcard.


  5. Gee they’re both really great, but I’m a fan of the 2nd one…. Beauty is not necessarily captured by artificial light… sometimes true beauty hides in the play of light and shadow.

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