Here are the finished dresses from the 99¢ Only Dress Shop Exhibit
at Atomic Todd Gallery in Las Vegas:

Special Thanks to Todd VonBastiaans of Atomic Todd, to all my volunteers
(see full list in post below),
and thanks to 99¢ Only Stores for their support with this project.

Gallery Views:

“Feather Duster Dress”
made of feather dusters, sponge scrubbies and shoelaces

“Sponge Dress”
made of sponges, hot glue & velcro

“Blue Sponge Dress”
made of sponges, hot glue, shower curtain & shoelaces

“Silver Sponge Shorts & Vest”
made of sponges, hot glue & shoelaces

“Sponge Bikini”
made of sponges, hot glue & shoelaces

“Casino Chip Bikini”
made of casino chips, zip ties & shoelaces

“Easter Egg Dress”
made of plastic easter eggs connected with a price tagging gun

“Playing Card Dress”
made of playing cards & packing tape

“Beach Ball Dress”
made of beach balls & staples

“Whiffle Ball Wedding Gown”
made of whiffle balls and shower scrubbies (whole & unraveled)

“Casino Chip Dress”
made of casino chips & zip ties

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  1. i wish you would make me a dress to wear to an ABC party tonight, i'm about to go on a hunt for a potato sack<3

  2. These are absolutely fabulous. I love the creativity and artistry of the dresses.

  3. These are all so wonderful and inspiring. damn, I should have gotten married in a wiffle ball dress! All the best to you. Love your dress project!

  4. They are HORRID! so immodest!


  6. These are very pretty and creative.
    I wish you good luck in life.
    Nicely done.

  7. I just love your art work, you are truly a creative woman. I especially like the Easter egg dress and the willow dress. But then the prairie dress, and the silver sponge shorts and vest! Keep going, I can't wait to see what you come up with for my home state.

  8. Although you work is creative I'm disappointed that out of all the different things in New York you chose a garbage dress. Hope you make better choices for the remainder of the states.

  9. As a native, 4th generation Austinite, I can't imagine that you have insite into Texas, based on what I've seen; I do like your creativity, and wish you well. Bless your heart…

  10. Beautiful dresses!

  11. Your dresses are very creative but as a New Yorker, I was somewhat offended that you chose to encapsulate our great state in the form of trash. That's like calling everyone who lives there trash. I hope you're more sensitive when it comes to the remainder of your work.

  12. While I'm all for creative arts, this isn't art. It's a hot glue gun nightmare. No form, no flow, no actual thought or production. And who the hell wants to be covered in trash bags?!?! But hey, if all you have for "art" is shit, I guess the trash is where it belongs.

  13. i love your creativity! i can't wait to see what you'll come up for texas? a bluebonnet flower dress would be wonderful, too bad the bluebonnets are gone!

  14. I am so inspired! What an amazing mind you have!! Thank you!

  15. I just posted a comment on this site and then I read the others. Some people take things to heart that really need be kept to themselves. The N.Y. garbage dress is awesome!!! When you talk about why you choose the trash bags for your matirial I think you explain your reasons admirably. Get over yourselves N.Y. As a Cali girl I hope you think about washed up seaweed as an option or if your look to S.F. for inspiration check out the used syringes littering the streets. Let's all take a good look at what our cities and states really are about and not just what we want others to see!

  16. its cool what you are doing but every dress is exactly the same except for the garbage bag one. a long sleeveless gown isn't revolutionary even if you make it out of grass. you should try to make the rest more creative

  17. these are so cool!

  18. Maybe you could make a Georgia dress of peaches! Afterward use the dress to make pies or cobblers! Mmmmm….

    Wonderful imagination!

    Best of luck!

  19. Wow. I mean Wow!
    I love your work.
    So creative, so amazing.
    I want to put a link to this page on my blog, if that's okay.
    This just personifies the artistic spirit I'm trying to explain….

    Dying to see what you come up with for my state [North Carolina]….though I must warn you, there was a tobacco festival that once featured a Southern belle gown made out of tobacco leaves [ick].

  20. Brillant! Nuclear primitive! Outside of any box.

  21. How about a dress for DC — why only the 50 states? The dresses are so creative and interesting, and I think one for DC would be great.

  22. You are 1 AMAZING woman!!! An inspiration to us all! Fantastic Job!
    Margie from Caring Hands Home Health Care, Seattle Washington

  23. The dresses are amazing, they are very unique not saying that the designer is really gifted:)

  24. So creative! How about a sunflower dress for the State of Kansas?

  25. Wow! I came to your blog after it was highlighted on my Yahoo! homepage. I love this project–can't wait to see what you do next!

  26. I have been sewing for many, many years and I work as a costumer. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog! Your ideas are some of the most creative I have ever seen and beautifully executed…BRAVA! Best of luck with the rest of your creations–I intend to follow you through all 50 states.

  27. So So So cool. Honestly, you're really talented and creative, and I'm very amazed!

  28. i cant wait to see your state dress for alaska. it should either be snow or tundra depending on whether you are here in the summer or winter. love them they are so creative!

  29. hey these are so feaking sweet! What dress are you doing for utah? 😀

  30. Honest to God, I loved all of these dresses. Very creative, great work.

  31. I love the idea and your creativity. I am surprised by your portrail of New York with garbage bags. Have you ever been to New York State? We have the Adirondack Mountains, St. Lawrence seaway, Finger Lakes, Catskill Mountains, and more. New York city is a small part of the state and the garbage problem is an ever smaller part. I love NY state as it is one of the most beautiful states in this country.

  32. I can't wait to the dress for California!

  33. Robin, my name is Tony I used to date Linda Merchen. Do yo remember me?

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