One-on-One Workshop

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8 one-hour weekly sessions
Live online with Robin


Students will be responsible for 2-3 hours of independent work per week.

NOTE: Price does not include books and materials required for this workshop (roughly around $125).

AGE REQUIREMENT: Students need to be at least 14 years old. 

See Details and Requirements section below.

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Details and Requirements

Please read carefully.


  1. The course of workshops will be held online over Google Meet. You must have a computer or tablet (not a phone) with video conferencing capability (camera and microphone), as well as a Gmail or Google account.
  2. You are responsible to acquire the required books and drawing materials before the first workshop.
  3. You will be emailed a link to join the weekly recurring Google Meet workshop. Please do not share this link with anyone.
  4. Workshops will begin promptly at the posted start times. Please login to the Google Meet on time or early.
  5. Each workshop, Robin walks you through fun and challenging lessons, drawing all types of subjects through various eye-opening techniques. More than half of each workshop is spent quietly drawing your assignments. And feedback is given at certain benchmarks throughout the class.
  6. There are sometimes homework assignments and certain materials needed for some workshops. Stay tuned to your email for info and messages.
  7. There may be make-up workshops on off-days, in the rare event Robin needs to reschedule a regularly scheduled workshop.
  8. You will be invited to access Robin’s Facebook Drawing Workshop Group. This is optional but very fun and valuable!


With the exception of the viewfinder, the links to the books and materials below are only suggestions. You may find these items anywhere you prefer, as long as you acquire them all before the first workshop. The total cost of these items is roughly $125.


You are responsible for acquiring the following workbook and optional textbook before the first workshop.

  1. “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook: The Definitive, Updated 2nd Edition” by Betty Edwards. Paperback or Spiral-bound are acceptable. REQUIRED
    Available on Amazon here.
  2. “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive, 4th Edition” by Betty Edwards. Paperback, Hardcover or eBook versions are acceptable. OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED
    Available on Amazon here.
IMPORTANT: If you are taking the workshop as a couple or group, each student needs their own Workbook. You may share a textbook, but you will need to buy one extra Workbook per extra student.
Custom viewfinders created just for the Draw With Robin class. REQUIRED

Supplies must be purchased before the first day of workshops. The following list can be taken to your local art supply store, or purchased online. BLICK Art Materials is a great resource. We have provided the following Amazon links as a courtesy as it is generally the most economical option, but how you purchase your supplies is up to you! 

  1. Pencil sharpener
  2. Baby wipes 
  3. Clean rag
  4. One 9″x12” Drawing Pad – medium surface with at least 24 sheets
    Available on Amazon here.
  5. Strathmore 400 Series Gray Scale Pad, Assorted Tints, 9″x12″ Glue Bound, 15 Sheets
    Available on Amazon here.
  6. Variety of drawing pencils, erasers and blending stumps. The workbook recommends graphite, while I prefer charcoal. Feel free to come prepared with multiple options to discover your own preference! 
    Available on Amazon here.
  7. Black White Color Pencils – Permanent Color Drawing Pencil Oil-based Wooden Colored Pencils
    Available on Amazon here.
  8. Thin (ultra fine) dry erase markers
    Available on Amazon here.
  9. Vine Charcoal
    Available on Amazon here.
  10. Drawing fixer spray or “fixatif” 
    NOTE: Cheap strong-hold aerosol hairspray from a drug store works just as well! 
    Available on Amazon here.
  11. Mechanical erasers: various sizes
    Available on Amazon here.
  12. Allinone Plastic Ruler Flexible Ruler with inches and metric Measuring Tool 12″ and 6″ inch (2 pieces)
    Available on Amazon here.
  13. If you did not buy the pencil kit above and still need some blending stumps, here they are sold separately.
    Available on Amazon here.
  • A mirror large enough that your head and shoulders are clearly visible (first class!) 
  • Table lamp / spotlight

We will occasionally give you a week’s notice that objects will be needed for still lifes, such as: 

  • A flower assortment 
  • Branches with leaves 
  • Eggs
  • Books
  • Clear glassware

Age Requirement

Course is appropriate for students 14 years old or older.

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