Gallery Show at Atomic Todd, Las Vegas NV

“99¢ Only Dress Shop”
April 30- May 24 at the Las Vegas art gallery:

Atomic Todd: 1221 Main Street, Las Vegas, NV

“Sponge Dress” by Robin Barcus Slonina
Photo by Eric Guideng, Hair & Makeup by Krystle Randall

Continuing my exploration of environmental dress making, I am turning to local dollar stores in the urban environment of downtown Las Vegas. I will be creating a “dress shop” entirely out of items purchased at various 99¢ Only stores. I will be working in my “artistic sweat shop” during the run of the exhibit, making dresses out of items like sponges, whiffle balls and easter eggs. This show will be completely interactive and open to the public. I invite everyone to come visit, try on the artwork, or even help create it!

Please click on the links below to read two articles from local papers about the show:

The Las Vegas Sun / Review Journal
“Sort-of-Wearable Art on the Cheap

By Kristen Peterson

The Las Vegas Weekly
“The Sponge Dress, and Other Delights; Pop Art Goes to the Bargain Bin”
by Greg Thilmont

Here are some pictures from Opening Night!
the artist

Gallery owner Todd VonBastianns

Art slaves Ross & Benoit (above) and Tarra (below)

Gallery views

playing with the art…

Sarah getting into ART!

Your dedication to this silliness really touched my heart.
Barb Barcus
Benoit Beaufils
Heather Eggerding
Barbara Ellis
Tara Ellis
Ross Gibson
Amos Glick
Laura Herbert
Jessica Holker
Marah Kaprowski
Stacy Lee
Luke Littell
Nick Mays
Bryan McCarthy
Carolina Moraes
Brett Palmer
Lucy Pascoe
Dave Proctor
Lakeisha Sable
Tarra Scarff
Andy Schmitz
Danny Sidlow
Jim Slonina
Kent Thomson
Todd VonBastiaans


“State of Dress” Exhibit!

The July / August exhibition of “State of Dress” at the New York Mills Cultural Center in Minnesota marks the first one-woman showing of this series. On display were 40″ X 60″ photographic prints on canvas of all the “Dress” sculptures so far…

“Pinecone Dress’ was shipped here for the exhibit, from the MacNamara Foundation Arts Residency in Maine where it was created. This is the first time an actual “dress” has been displayed in addition to photographs of the work. The tough nature of pine cones made this possible. I was amazed when we opened the crate at how well they had weathered the long journey.
Here is my friend Hope lending a hand touching up the dress with the back-up pine cones I mailed with the dress from Maine.

In addition to the “State of Dress” exhibit in the main gallery, the front of the cultural center held some of the two-dimensional work I also created while an artist in residence in Maine. While on break from creating “Pinecone Dress”, I collected plant life around the island and preserved it on canvas to create these “Leaf Dress” paintings.

Here is a close-up from the large “Leaf Dress” painting, with blackberry leaves preserved in their red fall color.

Also on display is the new work, “Collecting Kisses”. This is an interactive installation of three dress paintings on which viewers are encouraged to leave their lipstick kiss prints. Many ladies and a couple men took me up on it during the opening, and I hope the art continues to collect kisses during the run of the show.

Luckily for me, Wendy DesChene was the visiting artist to the NYMRCC while I was in town. She was an enormous help to me during the installation of the “State of Dress” exhibition.

Please check out her amazing artwork at