On October 23, 2008 the Las Vegas First Friday Arts Festival celebrated its Sixth Year! As a big supporter of this monthly Vegas arts happening, I donated my “Casino Chip Bikini” to the First Friday benefit art auction. Lovely Vegas model Stacy Lee also donated her time to model the bikini for bidders. The event took place at the Newport Loft building downtown. Here Stacy is pictured on the beautiful rooftop deck there.

And here she is again, posing with local art star Jerry Misko, who also donated one of his fab Neon Paintings to the benefit.

The artist and model!

…And lovely art patron Kellee Antalek won the bikini in the live auction!
And here is Kellee a few months later, modeling her new art acquisition!

Photos by John Rettie glamourphotos.com

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  1. I think kellee's boobs were a little too big for the top

  2. Call it art…I call it ignorance. As a proud sister of NYC's strongest, a sanitation worker, this is ridiculous. My brother and many friends work around the clock to keep the streets of NYC clean. We have a greater population than any city yet we do a very good job in every aspect to maintain a fine place to live. And it's people such as Robin Barcus Slonina who epitomize NYC in a false way that is just plain wrong to anyone who doesn't know NYC. She made a dress with poker chips for Vegas, and garbage for NY. Now, her reasoning is that when she visited NY there were piles of trash and no alleys. Where did she visit and when? Did she walk one block? Did she ask if it was garbage pickup? The businesses and residences put their trash outside for sanitation pickup. We actually put our trash outside so it can be picked up. That's brilliant! So if she took the time to stay a while, she'd get it. Next – no alleys? Walk a little bit more, Robin. Take time to explore NY, or read a book. We can come up with a few for you right now – Statue of Liberty, Big Apple or the Empire State Building.

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